False Reality In Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

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Is the world around us real or is it just an illusion? Although a false reality may never be fully comprehended, Plato relays the message of a false reality through “Allegory of the Cave”. Seeing the similarities and differences between “Allegory of the Cave” and “The Matrix”, one can see that a false reality is shared by a greater power. The prisoners began to believe in false realities. A person can reach their enlightenment if they begin to look to the truthfulness and let the false fall through. In “Allegory of the Cave”, prisoners are kept in a cave since they were young. They are forced to see the shadows because that is the way they are facing and the only reality they see as true. They could not turn their heads when they saw objects because they were chained up, which is why they believed them to be true. The prisoners only saw the flickering images on the wall. Socrates claimed that the prisoners would assign a respect level to those who could remember the most detail about the shapes and the order. But when one prisoner escapes that is when he realizes that what they relating to reality, was wrong.…show more content…
It represents the way that a person may perceive something. If you begin to believe that something you see is true, then you are only seeing part of the truth. Plato argues that a person can be smart or even smarter than the one next to them, but the way they may perceive something is where their weakness may lie. If someone believes something to be truthful, they are only seeing part of the
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