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“Who was the real cause of her damage, and how and why, because no one believed that it had really been Santiago Nasar” (Ma ́rquez 89). This line epitomizes the ideals of the pursuit of love and old traditional values while at the same time defining them as wrong and unjustified. The whole novel like this quote is shaped by Gil Vicente’s poem describing the pursuit of love as falconry in which we see honor, ritual and love. Through the idea of the pursuit of love being like falconry as the opening quote says who was the real cause of her destruction and how they did it , that it can truly be seen that love is a fatal game and with both a predator and victim. The development of Angela and her relationships as first being prey of Falcons like Bayardo, and her mom, then being left on her own she learns herself how to hunt and be a Falcon, she then hunts Santiago Nasar with her actions. Falconry is the hunting with a falcon and the act of training falcons to hunt. For the novel who exactly is the Falcon doing the Hunt? “The pursuit of love is like falconry” Gil Vicente, what does Ma ́rquez mean with this quote being referenced…show more content…
Best represented as in the men that are depicted as honorable and high up specifically Bayardo and Santiago. Santiago carries his "falconry equipment" (5) during hunting season and Santiago and his father demonstrate falconry at parties (8) Since Santiago carries falconry equipment, Marquez suggests a similarity between falcons and Santiago. The sport of falconry itself originated in Europe as was mainly used by the aristocrats. Falconry therefore represents nobility, but also keenness and swiftness. The two main pursuers of love, Santiago and Bayardo, are both upper class men that do have these

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