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For twenty years Home Depot experienced tremendous success; however they were faced with hidden problems within the operation and finances. In December 2000 Robert Nardelli became the new CEO; his challenge was to correct the issues that plagued Home Depot. To achieve this Nardelli recognized that a change in culture was necessary. Employees, however were not expecting a change in leadership, it came as a surprise and as a close knit company many could not conceive of the thought of new leadership. Nardelli was met with resistance, especially from managers, many at the executive level left the company shortly after Nardelli arrived, they were not able to see Nardelli’s vision, although he was able to successfully convey his vision to some of the leadership and as time passed others bought in the vision as well. Over the next couple of years change ensued. Increase Urgency The level of change required at Home Depot was significant, the very core (culture) of the company required a change. “To bring about significant change, an organization needs significantly more than the usual effort and commitment from its people” (Cohen & Kotter, 2005). For a…show more content…
Carol Tomé, chief financial officer shared “people never had the time to grieve for the company Home Depot once was, the company had not been prepared for the change. And though we did a good job explaining to people the what of the change, we didn’t do a very good job of explaining the why” (Charan, 2006). They attempted to address the issue by holding five day forums for all district and store managers. The mangers were asked to place themselves in Nardelli’s shoes and then asked what they would do. Attendees worked in groups sharing ideas and eventually stood up in front of everyone and shared their thoughts on what they would

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