Scarlet Letter Chapter 3 Summary

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The setting is in a newly discovered colony in Boston in the 17th century. He starts the novel like this because the Puritans knows that there will still be crime and murder in the colony. The rosebush shows that there is still hope in a dark and terrifying place. Ann Hutcherson is a spiritual leader who has been arrested because she was seen as a threat. This reference shows how puritans take the crimes serious. This chapter starts out with everyone standing around the prison door waiting on someone to come out. Hawthorn is saying that the women are less forgiving than the men. Hester is condemned for his of adultery The punishment for the old testament is death. They are very angry and they do not think that death is a big enough punishment. This shows that they have strict moral values in their society.…show more content…
The A has been artistically sewed on her shirt. It might indicate that she is proud of what she did. It’s a contrast of Madonna and Child by that they represent holiness, while Pearl and Hester represent sin (adultery). Hawthorn might be suggesting that when someone is pretty on the outside means they are pretty on the inside. Hester had a good childhood when she lived in England, yet when she moved to Boston her life got worse. Chapter 3 He wanted to find out why Hester was on the scalford. She didn’t get sentenced for death because of her age. He was being held hostage. He motion to Hester to be quiet. He is Hester’s pastor and the father of her child. He is foreshadowing that the stranger will set out and found the father. Dimmesdale showed signs of some relief of her not saying who it is. Chapter 4 She sees that it is her husband that she hasn’t seen in a long time. She fears him because she thinks he might want to get

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