Essay: How Creation Of Adam Effects Three Philosophy Ideas

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How Creation of Adam Effects Three Philosophy Ideas The Creation of Adam is one of the most famous fresco paintings by Michelangelo, which is a part of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling. Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam is not only reflects Alberti’s idea of istoria, but also illustrates the ideal beauty on Neoplatonism with an emphasis on love between God and Adam. The concept and composition of this painting also illustrate the theme of psychomachia. Michelangelo is one of the most outstanding sculptor, painter, architect, and poet in Renaissance Era. Michelangelo creates two of the most influential works in Western art history. One is a scene from Genesis on the ceiling, and another is The Last Judgment on the altar wall…show more content…
At the meaning time, The Creation of Adam also reflects the idea of philosophy on Neoplatonism and humanism. The nude on God and Adam not only reflects the ideal beauty, but also reelect the eternal, truth, and the intelligible. In this painting, human beauty reflects God's beauty. God comes down from heaven and touches the figure of that of Adam in order to give his life. This moment about two figures touching together shows the love between God and Adam, which reflects the love between God and human. God loves his cation Adam, just like he loves us human. "Nowhere does God, in his grace, reveal himself to me more clearly than in some lovely human form, which I love solely because it is a mirrored image of himself." This is how Michelangelo worshipped the nude.” (Deborah Vests on NeoPlatonism) In Renaissance art, God is good, and it is the source of truth and beauty. It is Divine. In this painting, Adam looks depressed and lost, he looks forward to God who gives him life and strength, as if he is waiting an answer and seeking knowledge from God. Here, it reflects God’s equation with divine knowledge, he will give Adam knowledge just like he always gives human knowledge and saved

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