Examples Of Socrates Justice

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Socrates on Justice From Crito to Polemarchus to Thrasymachus, there is constant questioning of what the definition of justice truly is and the relationship it has with the law. Although all roads point to the idea that there is no absolute way to define justice, Socrates had strong opinions on what justice meant according to him. Plato led readers to believe that Socrates found the act of being “just,” as virtuous, the most rewarding way to live. Socrates also believed that laws were meant to be obeyed, even if they were unjust, and that obeying the laws was justice in itself because they were meant to be respected. Socrates saw justice as a necessity for a society for it helped them accomplish order, and that justice was not in favor of the stronger but in favor of the ones who are weak. In Crito, the readers can see that Crito is desperately attempting to have Socrates escape from prison, but Socrates is hesitant. Socrates introduces several different arguments to…show more content…
I believe that Socrates is trying to show that although he was treated unfairly, there is a level of respect that he must have for the law. A father may act unjustly to his children but they do not fight him back or disobey him because they respect him, and just like this example, Socrates must do this as well. Socrates later goes on to say that because he agreed to live where he did for so long, it was his display of his agreement that he would respect and obey those laws no matter what they were. This is ultimately why he chose to stay and face death, rather than act in an unjust way and run away from
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