Character Analysis Of P. S. In 'So Much Unfairness Of Things'

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Fear and Pressure P.S.’s drive to impress, and please his dad leads him to being expelled from the Virginia Preparatory School due to academic dishonesty, in “So much unfairness of Things” by C.D.B. Bryan. P.S. is not a bad kid, he is just insecure with himself because he is pressured by his dad. He finds himself trying to hide his insecurities by messing around and joking with friends. Because he is so focused on making jokes and hiding his insecurities he never gets to fix them, or learn to use them well. He cares a a a lot about his work and tends to feel pressure to do well on tests actually helps him develop as a student, and in the future, he might do well on things because of his drive. P.S. has trouble focusing because…show more content…
P.S. really cherishes his dads’ affection; and he desires more. “P.S. knew that his father loved him, but he also knew better than to expect any sign of affection” (155). P.S. has learned to live with the fact that his father can’t show him that he loves him and that hurts P.S., but it gives P.S. drive to do well, hoping, with a good result, his dad can hug him. P.S. is also a very honest person, even though he did cheat. The author makes a big deal about how nervous and scared he was after he did it. It says, “He was sick with fear and dread” (167). After, he said, “I shouldn’t have cheated…maybe someone did see me… maybe I should turn myself in” (165-166). This is proof that he is not the cheating kind. P.S. is also not the kind to harm people or their things. For example, when P.S. was messing with Maybery, when he was shaving. He was telling him, “ 'Cut your throat! Cut your throat!' ” (150). After that Maybery actually did cut his throat and P.S. apologized sincerely, “ 'I’m sorry I really am. I didn’t know it would work' ” (150). P.S. really does care for other peoples things as well. For example when he borrowed Charlie’s toothpaste, Charlie asked him to," 'Roll it from the bottom of the tube' ” (150). P.S. honored the request even though he thought it was ridicules. If P.S. could learn to deal with his issues, he would be a great kid and Student. P.S. does have a lot of problems, but he is a great kid who feels extremely pressured by his school, and his family. P.S. constantly insists on hiding his true self, and showing a 'suit off armor' that protects him from himself and others. If i could suggest a few things to P.S., i would tell him that he needs to try and learn how to use his bad traits to make great ones. Also, he needs to realize that no one is going 'kill' him if he does badly on a test or a class. He would just have to learn from his mistakes and

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