Shakespeare's Hamlet-Appearance Vs. Reality

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Hamlet - Appearance Vs. Reality Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a classic story that illustrates one of the greatest tragedy. In the book a major theme that couldn’t be unnoticed was in many instances where the characters are portrayed in a certain way, but in reality their inner self does not reflect their outside image. An example of this is shown by Polonius. His character is portrayed as a loving father, loyal to the King, and overall a genuine person at heart. His actions on the other hand illustrate a different image of himself. In reality his intentions are anything but pure, they are deceitful and untrusting. Also between the Hamlet and Ophelia's relationship, the one that seem to not care and is cruel is Hamlet. He never gave much intention or shown any kindness towards her. However Hamlet's true feelings came out after the death of Ophelia. Claudius is another example, he is seen as a loving and caring King. However deep inside his intentions are evil and selfish. In the scene where Polonius reveals Hamlet’s letter that was written for Ophelia he asked the King what he thought of him. Claudius replies, “As of a man faithful and honorable” (2.2. 121). He does everything he can to appease the upper power for his selfish…show more content…
During his speech in Act 1 he says “Though yet of Hamlet our dear brother’s death The memory be green, and that it us befitted To bear our hearts in grief and our whole kingdom To be contracted in one brow of woe” (1.2. 1-4). He acts as if he deeply grieves his brother’s death, but what many do not know is that he has personally killed the Old King and couldn’t be happier taking over the crown along with the Queen. In addition to that Claudius says to Hamlet, “Our chiefest courtier, cousin, and our son” (1.2. 117), seeing him not only as a nephew but his son. If that is how he sees Hamlet, then why have him executed? (4.3.

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