Hunter Brice-Personal Narrative

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I remember the day my cousin, Hunter Brice, was brought into this world. I was only in the fourth grade and did not know much about anything at that point in time. I knew my aunt had been pregnant and I knew that it meant I was going to have a cousin, but I did not care nor realize what an impact it would eventually bring. Everyone had spent so much time excited and planning, this was the first new baby the family has had in 10 years. I had already had many cousins, I didn't feel as if I needed any more. I hadn't been around babies much and didn't see what could be so exciting about something that just sits there and cries so often. Having no idea what I was truly in for until the day finally came around. I never really enjoyed school and I would miss my mom enough to make excuses as to why she needed to pick me up to come home. That day was one of them, I called her from the main office and asked if she could please come and get me from school because I was "sick". Unfortunately she told me no, and it made me want to come home even more. Then after a break in the conversation she told me she had good news. I was so excited to hear…show more content…
I was so excited to hangout with my cousin Macey, who was only a year younger than me. After saying hi to the baby I ran off with Macey and played for the rest of the night ignoring all of the excitement about the baby upstairs. As time passed and I spent more time around my baby cousin I realized he was not so bad. About a year after he had been born, I became obsessed with him. I was always wanting to play with him and be the one to hold him in all of the family pictures. I was so jealous of Macey and did not understand why she did not want us to spend all of our time with him when we were over at her house. She would get frustrated at the fact that I would not play with her and I was always going upstairs to play with Hunter and all of his baby

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