Examples Of Motivation In Gattaca

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Gattaca,a film created in the late 90’s, introduces the main character, Vincent Freeman, fantasizing about the wonders and mystical surprises in outer space. Being genetically inferior restricts Vincetnt from being able to work at a prestigious level at his company without being referred to as “invalid”, but this does not stop Vincent from achieving his goal. Later on in the film, Vincent meets Jerome Morrow who at first does not agree to fully cooperate with Vincent plan. Vincent wished to take Jeromes identity, since Jerome had attempted suicide and is now handicapped. Through different situations, Jerome and Vincent begin to slowly build a bond, allowing Bincent to act more like Jerome. As I continued to watch the film, I wondered what drove Vincent to go into outer space and why he was willing to risk his life doing so.…show more content…
This topic shows how all human beings generally have the same type of motivation due to our similar cognitive minds and understandings. This theory says that the primary source of motivation is being encouraged to survive. Vincent Freeman is an example of this theory since he believes his way of surviving is to become Jerome Morrow, due to the intense consequences. Another example of instinct theory is when Vincent and his brother were swimming out to the ocean and Vincent's body gave up on him, making him turn back and return to the shore. Everyone has a specific drive that enables them to do the impossible whether that is traveling to the moon, disco ring cure, and so on. My family and colleagues are the people that drive me because they know I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it. I still remember when one of my coaches told me to not text anyone the night before a game and to focus only on my performance. I ended up having over 15+ points and 10+ rebounds against a dominant team and that turned into a huge confidence boost for

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