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Beowulf: A True Hero The poem Beowulf had many themes that were existent in it. However, there was one that seemed more recurrent and emphasized over the rest. One that remained consistent and dominant. This leading theme is heroism. From the beginning to the very end the poem kept mentioning or referencing to the concepts of heroism. Despite the variety of elements that this poem is comprised of they each had a connection towards heroism. Whether it was a significant event or a motif this righteous theme somehow managed to be accentuated. Even the main characters assisted in maintaining the heroic theme, specifically Beowulf. He was a true example of a hero. In fact, Dictionary.com defines a hero to be “ a man of distinguished courage or ability,…show more content…
For instance, while he was trying to kill Grendel’s mother he came across some major inconveniences. Beowulf was given an ancient sword called Hrunting from Unferth. It was seen highly regarded to be a powerful weapon. In Fact, in the poem the sword was reported to” ..had never failed the hand of anyone who hefted it in battle, who had fought and faced the worst in the gap of danger” (73 Beowulf). Unfortunately, the Hrunting didn't meet up to its reputation. The sword barely harmed Grendel’s mother after Beowulf struck her with it. Despite his main weapon proving to be defective he still remained persistent. After, Beowulf quickly discarded the sword. He attempted to fight the creature with his bare hands. Even his new plan was futile yet Beowulf refused to give up. He was knocked down but he got back up quickly. Beowulf examined his surroundings very swiftly hoping he would find something that could aid him in his battle. Luckily, he found another sword and played Grendel’s Mother with it. If Beowulf had let himself become discourage he wouldn't have survived his battle or been able to avenge the lives lost because of the creature. Beowulf determination is what helped him in being

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