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James Stewart Jr. is one of the best motocross riders in all of motocross history. James was addicted to riding dirt bike since he was a young boy and that passion never stopped for him, he was never a person that gave up anything out of his own free will. His passion for motocross started at the age of three and has never been shut down, James Stewart Jr. overcame poverty, ADD, and many other obstacles throughout his life. Since James childhood, he’s overcame many obstacles, and that helped flourish his career. Some people had a bad childhood, but James Stewart Jr. grew up in a bad neighborhood; it was so bad that its crime rates were 72% while Florida's average crime rate was a mere 15% (city-data.com). James Stewart Jr. was born in Bartow…show more content…
He had a record breaking amount of lightweight wins, and he was officially a champion in 2002 (www.redbull.com). He has won many titles and he has been victorious a ton of times in championships! James Stewart Jr. is considered one of the best motocross riders in history. He is phenomenal and at such a young age he had won a lot of titles.(wikipedia.org). James won an astonishing 84 ammeter national titles by the time he turned 16. That's crazy in so many ways that its mind blowing! Ammeter National Titles are titles that you can earn when you race in the ammeter leagues, so basically you earn titles for winning ammeter racing. ‘’James is commonly known for being one of the most successful, if not one of the only successful African American to completely and utterly dominate at motocross’’. James is commonly referred to as ‘’a freak on 2 wheels’’ (motorcycle-usa.com). He also holds the title for most supercross wins ever; he earned some of those in his teenage…show more content…
In James current state, he is disqualified for 16 months he will on get to race twice in 2015, all together (motocross.transworld.net). He got very upset because of this, he only failed the anti-doping testing because they gave him 2 days to turn in his paperwork, and he was traveling or practicing all those 2 days. So before he could turn in his paperwork they did the test and he failed it. He got caught with a drug that showed up when they took the test, however that drug is in his medicine he takes for his ADD. They still disqualified him. They took the test after he won the monster energy cup ( a very big goal for him). As soon as he hopped off the track he rushed him into a room and took the test, ( he was very flustered about that and is still angry at them now). He has many injuries, he struggled with diseases and injuries in his pro career, he also takes many trips to the doctors office. In 2003 in one of his first races; he crashed and broke his collarbone. (http://js7.com) This left him sitting out for a few races, but he was back in. He has also won so many races that it's hard to count, he started at 3, won his first race at 6, and then he just continued from

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