Argumentative Essay: The Murder Of Hae Min Lee

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Thank you for your attention, ladies and gentlemen of this jury, and the esteemed judge as well. A most tragic event occurred on January 13, 1999, causing sadness and depression to those close to the victim. This crime was the murder of Hae Min Lee. Now, the prosecutor fully blames the Adnan, my client, for this murder. And I am here to tell him/her, as well as you, the esteemed jurors and judge, that Adnan did not commit this crime, because the state’s accusation is based on a story that is too flawed, and Adnan was never near Hae during that time. First, the state’s story is too flawed to be able to be used as support of an accusation. Let’s go into jury processes a bit. The jury, regardless of the situation, must deem the possible criminal innocent until…show more content…
First, there is the witness statement from Asia. Asia clearly states that she saw Adnan in the library, which is off the school campus, when the murder supposedly happens. That automatically means that Adnan could not have been the murderer. Although Adnan himself states that he was on school campus, the library is just off the campus, specifically right across the street from the school, so one could easily made the mistake of calling the library as on campus. Furthermore, Adnan was never in Hae’s car to murder Hae. Whereas many of the other witness may be biased in this trial, this witness has no relation to Adnan and no bias relevant to this case. This witness is Inez Butler Hendrix, a salesperson that is often in her concession stand in front of Woodland High School’s gym. She testifies that Adnan was no where near Hae’s car after school. The prosecutor says that Adnan must have been in Hae’s car to have enough time to kill her in the timespan they assigned. But he was nowhere near Hae as Asia and Inez has

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