Examples Of Academic Integrity

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Academic Integrity “No one will question your integrity if your integrity is not questionable.”(Nathaniel Bronner). Being at HBU and seeing the pride at this university should inspire one to think about what academic integrity can contribute to personal morals in life. Although not everyone stands for being genuine, some seek out cheating and plagiarism. Negative academic integrity is plagiarism, cheating, and complete dishonesty. Most people who plagiarize fear not being able to complete whatever the task may be. A politician named Vaughn Ward, ran for Congress and was succeeding until he plagiarized off of the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Ward looked like a well put together person from his resume, an Iraq war veteran,…show more content…
Other Rappers even made fun of him because when it came time to change his ways he didn’t and he still wore his big gold chains, hats, and other things that made him LL Cool J. When he came out with “Mama Said Knock You Out” it spoke to the other artists and people who doubted who he was and made fun of him because they felt he wasn’t about hardcore rap. A time where I didn’t succumb to peer pressure or being like others academically was when I was in middle school and everyone knew that I was pretty smart because I was getting A’s and B’s, on the honor roll, and I was in sports everyone basically knew who I was, there was this girl who said she wanted to be my friend and I should come over her house or vice versa, So I invited her over to my house one day and we had a huge assignment that night well she did her work and I did mine but in the morning I couldn’t find my homework it wasn’t in my bag or anywhere I normally would leave it. So I went to school to face the music because I wouldn’t have been able to complete the assignment before class since it was my first class of the day. Well come to find out she took my paper and turned it in as her own, erasing my name and but her name in place of mine. Thankfully the teacher could tell our hand writing apart and knew that the paper she turned in wasn’t hers. So when the next day came the girl trying to be my friend told me that the teacher called her mom and she got
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