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THE DEAD RISES “Sup my boy,” David yelled to John his former best friend. “I told you to leave me alone I don’t ever want to talk to you again and don’t mention that ugly face I can’t tolerate it any longer just for kissing my girlfriend Margaret. When I got my revenge you will see you will pay for what you have done to me David Johnson,” John said in an enraged tone. John walked away to go to his Science class meanwhile, leaving David there in the hallway in an awkward silence. Suddenly, there appeared a girl with golden hair, cyan eyes, and fancy earrings walked up to David. “Wanna go out sometime like on a date I know about John he is my ex now. I am more into you with your blue eyes just like the sea father probably Poseidon,” Margret said…show more content…
John shot her right in the heart she died instantly. John felt good about his murder with a wide looking grin his face he dragged both of the bodies into the ditch he dug out and went to David’s house and lied about what happened to David he set a bomb to take of things there. Margret sneaked out of the house her parents don’t know where she is. John felt really good that he got his revenge when he arrived home he lied to his parents and told them what he told David’s parents that they were crossing the street and he got ran over by a truck. John jogged up to his bed upstairs and passed out on his bed. But he kept screaming for some odd reason it was probably just the nightmares John thought. One the nightmare was David and Margret as a ghost bombing his house with him and his family in it. He woke up quickly put some water on his face. Can this actually happen? Can dead people bomb houses or not John was really freaked out now. Maybe his revenge plan didn’t work and he would be haunted for the rest of his life which was the day he died. I am just hallucinating I’m probably asleep John thought. This time he saw a vision of Margret and David alive again killing him. He bolted out of bed and did his morning routine and when he completed his routine he went outside a Police Officer was standing right in the door

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