Ethical Issues In The Movie Office Space

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While choosing and reviewing our film, Office Space, several examples of unethical behavior ranging from small-scale transgressions to profound lapses of judgment stood out. Faced with all of these options, we decided to focus on the biggest unethical issue in the film, the decision to steal money from the company. To examine the ethical issue, we took the eight steps of the ethical decision making process and applied them to our film. 1. Gather the Facts The movie Office Space revolves around a group of workers, Peter, Michael, Samir, Tom, and Milton, employed by the fictional company Initech, who are fed up with their jobs. The movie begins with Peter, the protagonist, going through his typical day of work at Initech. Various annoyances…show more content…
Ultimately, they believe their plan will yield a large, yet undetectable, amount of money for the three colleagues over a long period of time. Stealing company money to spite the higher executives of the firm creates drastic negative consequences for both the firm as well as the perpetrators, as stealing money is definitely illegal and certainly immoral. Other smaller ethical issues include the action of laying off an employee and never notifying him and the abuse of authority from the established hierarchy at Initech. Also in the process of downsizing the firm, the external consultants are laying off productive workers, while retaining employees who are less productive. All of these issues snowball into intense feelings of spite and vengeance. This string of conflicts create an environment full of distorted consequences, displacement of responsibility, and misplaced attribution of blame. The stance against Initech executives that results is entirely due to their abusive professional relationships with their employees. Thus, the employees are able to bypass their moral compasses and go through with the robbery despite the likely repercussions and obvious unethical

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