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Summary of Moral Ground-Ethical Action For A Planet In Peril In the book Moral Ground-Ethical Action For A Planet In Peril by Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael P.Nelson, the authors interview multiple range of people from scholars to elected officials. Some of the people that contribute to this book are Wendell Berry, Dalai Lama, Pope John Paul, Dean Moore, and even Barack Obama. They offer diverse views in how to care the earth with moral duties and callings. As the planet is getting worst, scientific discoveries of the poor decreasing planet’s health have not change majority of people’s mind in helping out the environment. Instead, the book focuses on providing ethical values, moral guidance, and principled reasons to preserve the planet. Through out the book it commonly ask one question, which is “Do we have a moral obligation to take action to protect the future of a planet in peril?” The book starts off with talking about the mankind and how in our view that it is the highest value. But to maintain the human…show more content…
They would do anything for them. They have a lot of time and they donate to political campaigns. But they should do more by coming together and organize a way to elect officials that will care the planet and actually take care of it. Kick them out if they do not care about the planet. Let’s focus on this topic and not go for other things that are not as important like an annual trip to Las Vegas, easy Sunday Crossword puzzles, and low taxes. Earth is a living thing. It provides needs for humans to survive. It is valuable and it is probably the most valuable thing that humans can touch. We need to visual it like a human. Humans take care other human beings. Also if it is so valuable, why do we not care of it? If humans take care of diamonds and other possessions, why not the planet Earth. Humans need to realize the value of this piece and actually start making a stand to preserve it’s living

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