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Music can be used to help a person express his or her emotion through the rhythms of sound. A person can define a song as good or bad through the connection that they have with the music by enjoying the message or the story that introduced by the song. Even though people around the world experience their music in different ways and different techniques. The message that sends out by a song will still stay the same around the world as a way an artist is trying to express their feeling and story through the tone and rhythms of music. The album For the Good Time by The Little Willies is features a group of friends who all share a passion for classic country music, by trying to revise the emotion, and story behind each song through their own interpretation.…show more content…
Through the use of country music, a song can express many emotions in a single note. A note can send the listeners into rage or give them an understanding of what is like to have a broken relationship. In this album, all the songs go together to help support the central theme; The Little Willies understand how complicated simple songs can be, so they try to apply as much of their emotions in the songs to help it go together for example “Permanently Lonely”- a song that talks about how when two person break up in a relationship that getting over it is a hard and painful process that a person has to go through. This song can be connected with “Remember Me”, a song that talks about the pain of separation between two people in a break up and how they wish to remember each other even though they are not together any more. Through listening to the album, listeners can conclude that the people who listening to this album come from a background of emotionally broken individual, that had been through a break up and can understand the message that was send out by these song, or just simply people that enjoy listen to old classical country music which had been reimagine to gave it a sense of happiness in the album full of sadness. This album can be enjoyed by anyone whom enjoys good music and it doesn’t require the listener a lot of knowledge of classic country music or an emotional scar to enjoy it. People should listen to this kind of music to open their view on the world of music to create new experience with the culture and the people that the sound present to the listener. A person could also listen to the music to enjoy the different tone in a country song and view the story behind the song and the emotion that the artist try to connect

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