The Grassland Research Paper

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Have you ever heard of the grasslands? Well if not, here you will learn all about the animals, plants, climate changes and the environmental danger in the grasslands. You can find this biome in North America, South America, Africa, Europe and in Australia. When rainy seasons arrive many grasslands become coated with flowers and some flowers survive throughout the winter. Also there are two different types of grasslands. They are tropical and temperate. Grasslands go by many names like prairies, pampas, steppes and savannas. Animals In the grasslands some animals are the brown hyena, the African lion and the greater prairie chicken. The brown hyena has a bulky head and the back of the hyena is sloping toward the rear. The brown hyena lives in dry places, thats why it lives in the grasslands. The African lion is a powerfully built cat that has a broad head and thick strong legs built for running and getting its food. The lion lives in open grasslands in North America, South America, Africa, Europe and in Australia. The greater prairie chicken is a rare bird. The females have barred tail feathers and smaller neck sacs than the male chickens. The greater prairie chicken lives anywhere in…show more content…
The purple needle grass is a long living tall plant and with it being densely tufted it makes an amazing plant. The blue grama plant is a major warm season grass. The plant is fairly short. You will never find just one blue grama alone because they grow in bunches. The plant can be seen growing with the western wheatgrass, needle grasses and sometimes with blue grasses. The blazing star is a striking prairie flower that blooms in the hot. The flower is normally a magenta color and sometimes white flowers too. The normal height of the blazing star is from 1 to 8 feet

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