The Importance Of Potty Training Essay

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If you are a mom of toddler you are probably surrounded by stories about other moms whose babies stop using diapers before the first birthday. So, if you are wondering whether it is the right time to start using the potty, that your toddler "won't be late," read a brief guide through the potty training. If we want that child started with potty training it is necessary to fulfill two conditions - that can walk and can verbally request. So, before the first birthday, it really isn't likely. Even then, at the physiological level the child must achieve neurological maturity that allows sphincter control while at the psychological level the child must be motivated to "grow up " for the potty. There are a lot of education materials on the market…show more content…
The eldest son was the long time ago pee standing at the time when our daughter start with potty training so she was insisting to pee like the brother! Some children prefer adapter, so you may consider it when your toddler start using the toilet. When you choose the potty and toddler is old enough, you should arm with the patience. You will need a large number of shorts, tracksuits, and clothing that is easy to undress (and easy to maintain) and a sufficient number of panties. The choice of underwear is often overlooked, and can play an important role in motivation. Chose toddler's favorite cartoon or animal for boxer shorts, that way they will be extra careful to stay in it for a longer time! My sons like underwear with dinosaurs and panties with pictures of Cars cartoon and a princess is always wearing only pink boxer shorts. Nothing else wasn't an option. After all, it's more fun to buy together funny boxer shorts and panties than buying a potty! When you definitely start with the potty training, pay special attention to - That it is warm enough that a child doesn't get sick if you don't change clothes in a same second - Always take the potty an eye, close to the toddler. If he pees the panties on the way to the potty, praise him

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