Creative Speech: Does Money Really Buy Happiness?

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We have all been there — when our paycheck comes, we go cash it, hurdle into the car and head straight to the plaza to buy things we just “can not just live without!” I know that on multiple occurrences I’ve thought to myself, “A new watch would be awesome!” or “Man, I need that new Iphone that everyone is dying to get,” or “I deserve to treat myself with those sweet yeezy’s!” and so on and so forth. Sure, these wondrous iconic items can bring us some level of glee, but imagine if you took the money you spend on those “things” and invested it into a mutual fund, or a savings account, it builds huge huge stacks over time. Wouldn’t you think you would lead a more glamorous and fulfilled life with huge stacks, than spending paycheck to paycheck.…show more content…
Look money isn't everything and recently I learned that. Seriously, I was a spoiled idiotic brat who didn't care about anyone at all. If you guys think i'm arrogant now, back in the day I would literally talk in 3rd person anD thought that I was everything. And then life throat punched me and I saw the real world. Actually going to Egypt changed my life for the better. Whoever lives in Alexandria, do you know Bakoos?? Living in this apt.(more like the size of my kitchen) had 6 people living in it sharing one bed. I couldn't believe it. All the kids in the streets, didn’t wear shoes, only one rag that kinda looked like a toga, that went from one shoulder to the opposite leg. It hurt a lot to see what they had vs what I had. Also, when my papa and I would offer money the families would never accept it and we could never process why no one would accept it. Until we met Kimberly(he never learned her name) she told him “Money, ha, money is nothing except a useless act that our people made to show dominance, money is as useless as the rags I wear on my body. Money is nothing, You ask money brings happiness? Look around, kids in the street playing with friends, me talking to you, look where we are talking. Im saying all one needs to be happy is for them to be with the ones they love and the ones that love them. And if someone says no one loves them their lying, everyone has someone they care about…” money by itself doesn't guarantee happiness. Trust me I learned the hard

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