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The Lindbergh Case: Who Did It? ¨Latest figures show that 9.2 million children under- five are dying every year¨ (¨Child Mortality¨). The Lindbergh case involves a twenty month old baby who was kidnapped and murdered in the middle of the day while everyone was home. It all began when the maid left his room after he fell asleep. Although this happened in the twentieth century, they still have not truly figured out who the kidnapper was. The mystery behind the Lindbergh baby can be summed up in two theories: Bruno Richard Hauptmann or others being the kidnapper and murderer. While the Lindbergh case is not new, a lot of theorists are still entertained by trying to figure out exactly what happened. Although some people disagree on who the kidnapper/murderer was, there are some things almost everyone agrees on. The kidnapper of the twenty month old baby left fifteen written messages for the Lindberghs stating how much to pay and the instructions for how to pay (Aeseng 13). About two weeks after the kidnapping, on March 12, 1932, the demand for money increased to $70,000 and a package that contained the child’s pajamas arrived at John Condon’s, a volunteer that helped communicate with the kidnapper, house three days later (Newton 219). Around that time, $50,000 got delivered to the kidnapper on April 2, 1932 because he…show more content…
Many theorists believe Hauptmann was the kidnapper because of several pieces of evidence, including the hand-written notes, and the piece of wood from his attic floor. Other theorists believe that Hauptmann had a helper, Al Capone did it, or the underworld was involved. In either case, the Lindbergh baby was robbed of his long life and still nobody knows who did it. Dwight Eisenhower once said, ¨There’s no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back to the way they

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