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Tennis is a sport based on the unpredictability of point length, shot selection, strategy, match duration, weather, and the opponent. These items along with complex physiological aspects of tennis rank it within the most intricate sports. In contrast to many other sports, tennis does not have time limits on matches and this would result in matches lasting less than one hour or as long as five hours (in five-set matches). This variability requires successful tennis athletes to be highly trained both anaerobically for performance, and aerobically, to aid in recovery during and after play [1]. In addition to all these complexities, there might be many different types of injuries that would happen for the tennis players, generally including upper…show more content…
Sports injuries, including tennis injuries, are a common cause of disability and, in some cases, absence from work [4, 5]. This can have substantial socioeconomic consequences, both on a personal and a societal level [6]. Though many injuries that occur in tennis are common to other sports, tennis does have a unique profile of injuries [7]. Tennis has often been described as a game of continual emergencies because with every shot the opponent hits, a ball can have a different velocity, a different type and rate of spin, be placed in many different parts of the court [8]. Furthermore, on September 27, 2004 Andy Roddick hit the current world record 155 mph (69.29 m/s) serve in the Davis Cup match [9]. This amount of speed for a tennis ball if hit the human body would bring about a substantial amount of injury to that. For these reasons it is important to develop effective measures for the prevention of tennis injuries. Recent studies have shown the increasing importance of sport as a cause of eye injury [10]. However, it is also apparent that sport is becoming responsible for a greater proportion of severe injuries to the eye [11]. This is an ominous trend which is likely to continue, because of the rising popularity of sport

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