Keith-Spiegel And Koocher 8 Step-Model Of Ethical Decision Making

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Assignment A The Keith-Spiegel and Koocher 8 step-model for ethical decision making (Nagy, 2010) can be applied on this situation to determine how to properly improve the psychosocial care at the school. In the first step of the model, one has to determine the parameters of the situation. Case 1 presents a situation where a school psychologist named Dr. Race gave a wrong treatment advice for a student called Steven. Because she was under too much stress to diagnose Steven again, she simply relied on her experience. Steven, who was at first only showing concentration and behavioral problems, got in an even worse situation and now also started using drugs. The second step asks one to define any potential issues that might derive from the situation at hand. Considering the basic principles of ethical…show more content…
There one can find the following articles to base an adequate decision on. Regarding Article 7, Steven is older than 12 years of age, but not yet 16 years old. Thus, Dr. Race has to act according to the Code of Ethics in relation to him directly but also to his…show more content…
One possible solution for the problem at hand would be for the psychologist to recommend the school to hire another school psychologist. Clearly, Dr. Race is under such work pressure that she does not have the time to pay attention to each case the amount that its needed. Another possibility would also be to first talk to Dr. Race individually and express my concerns. Then she would have the possibility to decide for herself how to continue. Lastly, I could directly consult an ethics comity and inform them about the issue. Then they can decide how to handle the

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