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Shipping Containers: The Best Choice for Refrigeration Special refrigerated shipping containers, commonly called reefers, make long-distance transportation of perishable foods, chemicals and even pharmaceuticals possible. The impact that this has had on society is that we can enjoy fresh produce – sourced across the world – all year round. How refrigeration works in shipping containers Reefers are used to transport goods that need to be kept at a constant temperature above or below freezing point. These goods often include foods such as fruit and vegetables, and meat and dairy products, which are all temperature-sensitive. Reefer containers generally come in 20 foot and 40 foot lengths, with the same dimensions as dry shipping containers…show more content…
Power packs, which are equipped with fairly large diesel generations are sometimes used when there is no power supply, or not enough capacity to connect the entire shipment of containers. For road and rail transportation, most shipping containers with refrigeration will be operated by a generator. Types of refrigeration In general, the refrigeration system inside a reefer will draw in warm air from the container, cool it down, and then blow the chilled air back into the container. To ensure that there is enough air circulation in the unit, the floor is provided with gratings. An airflow channel is also created by mounting cargo on pallets, to form a space between it and the container floor. In addition, the side walls of the container are made from corrugated steel, which ensures satisfactory air flow, and the upper 12cm+ of the container space is also kept open to allow air to circulate. Integral units also allow for an exchange of air between the container and the outside environment. This allows for the removal of gashes, such as those released in the transport of fruit. Both the air supply and air temperature are measured and monitored in refrigeration units – either digitally or

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