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Poodles Poodles are intelligent dogs and very active. They are sometimes referred to as 'Beauty with no brains. Don't be fooled with this assumption as they are superbly smart, very active and very obedient. Although proud, they take pride in their selves. The Poodle head is moderately built in a round shape, with a flat shaped cheekbones and muscles. The Poodle neck is ewe and with a level topline. They have a deep and perfectly wide chest. The shoulders are muscular and smooth.They have a straight tail and a short loin but muscular. Poodles are very popular in the United States and United Kingdom and some other countries. Poodles coats are curly, fine textured and does not shed quite often. The coat is made of hair and…show more content…
They are quite easy to train and they have strong ability in recognizing the human voice. They should be taken for walks, allowed to run and swim as well as they are fast runners and good swimmers. They are good in all kinds of activities. They like to please their owners when engaged in trainings and can understand up to 100 words and above. Poodle Lifespan and Health The Poodles have longer lifespan of about 10 to 18 years. The Standard Poodle usually live for about 13 years while the Miniature and Toy Poodles can live for about 15 years on average. The Poodles are prone to Bloat especially the Standard Poodle. When this happens, they suffer severe pains and can progress to Volvulus. These conditions can only be corrected with surgery. This is why it is recommended that Poodles should be given food one hour before or after exercise and their water should be placed on a raise pavement, table or object. Dental issues is also very common in Poodle hence, regular brushing and scrapping should be done either by the owner or through professionals. Dental checkups should also be carried out on regular quarterly or yearly. In conclusion, Poodles should be groomed properly and daily. They should be brushed at least twice a week. They coat should be clipped regularly as they can grow long on and on and into cords if proper care is not

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