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India is the country with many languages that are threatened to become extinct due to the fact they were not transmitted from generation to generation, which is why we bring you the list of the top 15 critically endangered languages in India. Being one of the main forms of identity, language is inevitably the focus of many surveys, especially in the cases where there are no more or there is a really small number of people who speak it. It is the sad fact that one language can easily disappear or become critically endangered, especially when its speakers reach the certain age, without leaving it to younger generations. This may enormously affect one society, and if you want to get to know more about it on the global level, don’t forget to check…show more content…
It is not very much known whether the language has any dialects, but it is supposed that Tulu and Koraga belong to it. Though the members of the Bellara tribe are believed to be Christians, there is a very little written data about them, and it is not confirmed whether they have anything written in their language, such as Bible, or even parts of it. Arman Zhenikeyev/ Arman Zhenikeyev/ 8. Tarao Language 870 Speakers The reason why this language is on our list of 15 critically endangered languages in India is pretty much obvious if you take into consideration the fact there are less than 1, 000 people in the world speaking it. It belongs to Sino-Tibetan family, and it is quite typical for the region of Manipur, especially the Palel area of Chandel district and Sinakeithei village of Ukhrul district. The member of Tarao tribe who speak the language became quite a minority, and, unfortunately, this language has never been taught to younger generations. Alberto Loyo / Alberto Loyo / 7. Purum Language 503

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