Essay On Perfect America

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What ideas make up a perfect government? There are hundreds of ways, but I thought of three. One way is equality everywhere in the U.S., another is healthcare for everyone, and a safer environment for everyone. I think these will make the perfect America or at least a better one than we have now. The first idea that makes a perfect America is equality everywhere in the United States. Equality is state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. When I hear of equality I think of everyone excepting others no matter what race, religion such as the freedom of religion, or political party. The reason why i think equality is because every day I hear about people talk bad about races or religions, this makes me upset because why can’t people get along. I don’t mind republicans but it’s terrible that all I hear about from some republicans is how they hate African Americans and they hate the president, thus offends me because one of my friends are African American and he should be treated the same. If we could have the racism down to a minimum, I feel it would be more peaceful, less fighting, and more agreements between political parties to get more jobs or more important things accomplished. another equality idea is gender…show more content…
I think they should change the health care so it is affordable for everyone. when I saw they should change it I mean they should be able to make it affordable for the poor. they should also change the healthcare so it's not so expensive for other races. this goes back to equality where they shouldn't have to pay more because there a different race. I think there should be equality in choosing our doctors and drugs. Equalities in the doctors I mean we should be able to have good doctors or be able to choose what doctors we want. when I say equality in drugs I mean we should be able to get more pharmaceutical drugs or more access to buying cheaper
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