Christmas Carol Nevol: An Analysis Of The Christmas Scrooge

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CAST Ethan: Scrooge Nevin: Nephew Isabelle: Narrator / Phone Salesman Lijah: Bob Cratchit Narrator/ Stage Director: [Christmas music playing on the Bob Cratchit’s phone. In scrooge's office at the bank, very quietly. Lights are set up all round the bank everywhere but Scrooge's office. It’s very cold cause the heaters broke and Scrooge won’t fix them. Scrooge's employee are sitting in the office beside him typing Documents.] Scrooge: What are you doing Bob? Are you pretending to be cold? Next, you’ll ask if we can repair the heater, but unless you're going to do it save your breath cause i'm not paying to fix it, and if you get mad find another job! Bob: Okay, sir. Nephew: [Cheerfully: surprising Scrooge] Merry Christmas Uncle,…show more content…
Scrooge: [Very rude] I'm not being “mean”, i'm living in a world full of idiots, and what do you mean Merry Christmas, what's Christmas to you but a time of buying gifts and spending money, also a time of finding yourself in a new year older and not a year richer. If I work with someone that even have Christmas on there mind, they can find a new job! Nephew: Uncle that's not true! Scrooge: Fred leave me alone and go celebrate your own kind of “Christmas” and go waste your money on foolish presents, and let me have my own “Christmas” How I want. Nephew: [Starting to get loud] Keep it? You're not going to keep it, you're going to forget Uncle. Scrooge: [Louder] Leave me alone then, what good has Christmas ever did you. Nephew: There are many things that I have done, by which I have not made a penny from, Christmas is one of them, but I always think about it when it comes around, as a good time. Everyone opens their hearts, and think of other people as if, their friends, and not another race of creatures. It's never put a dollar in my pocket, but it has been very good to me. God bless you uncle. Narrator: [Bob in the office claps, and looks at the furious and tries to turn the heater on, Scrooge begins to yell at

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