Event Management: Breaking Down Event And Management

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What is event management? Breaking down event and management, an event is an occasion that takes place in specific planned place at a certain time; and management is the procedures and strategies of conducting and organizing specific goals and objects. So event management as known is is the application of project management to the creation and development of large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. Yet, my own definition of event management is the planning, organizing, and achieving goals and objectives of an event. There are seven necessary steps that must be followed in order to have a successful and the ‘perfect event’. The very first step is the purpose, then presentation which…show more content…
The industry has become a multi-billion industry by continuously developing with special niches that didn’t exist a couple of years back. Event planners back then worked directly with the corporate client, worked for an incentive house, they met planning and communications companies and they sometimes directly met with the corporate client. However, event planners nowadays are a bit different, they are independent planners who have agencies that operate work with clients, they’re well experienced and have a successful history of event delivery, and finally, they are capable and have the ability to deliver a much better event than other larger event planning agencies. Event management or events in general have become an important strategic tool in the business world by basically adding value to the numerous aspects in any department or tool. Events in general, have a major impact on the success of a corporation, for instance, it could make the corporation exceed barriers and going beyond the corporation’s goals and objectives. An example of the impacts that events have on businesses are that it increasing the brand’s or business’ recognition, adding positively on the business’ reputation, increasing market competition, and opening up new business operations and…show more content…
An event vision is the idealized picture of the outcome of the event outcome. Event vision is important because it motivates and empowers the team to work towards something that would be successful, helps in decision making, and the event vision reflects the capabilities and abilities of those who are working and organizing the event. Event teams and staff basically turn the event vision into reality, ensure safety regulations, and ensure permits and proper insurance. Event experience is both the experience gained by event planners and teams, and by the people who attend the event. Event experience is important because people who attend the event engage better and experience gained is what people are going to talk about, if they experienced a good and successful event or an event who failed to fulfill and meet goals and objects; however, as known, a failure is always a lesson. Basically, meanwhile planning an event, you are creating experience. While having the event vision and experiencing from the event planning and building, an event manager or team must be well aware of the budget. Event visualization in the process of planning is basically the assigning the roles of the team members which have a visible image and acknowledgement of all the tasks they are supposed to be committed to and have to achieve; having a checklist helps a lot in visualizing in the planning process and ensures that all tasks would be done efficiently. Also, the visualization

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