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Mormon Health Care: Providing Proper Care Mormons practice and follow the religious beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). There are over 5.7 million Mormons living in the United States and they are avid seekers of good health. They try and eat only whole grains, fruits and vegetables and they do not smoke or drink alcohol. They try and take the best care of themselves as possible. However, life happens and they become ill. In the event of an illness or injury they are allowed to seek medical attention but it is very important that the nurse knows how to properly adjust to their cultural values and beliefs. As part of a nurses’ professional responsibility it is required to provide care and comfort to the patient and part of that is to understand and adapt to every patients values and beliefs. The goal is to not only take care of the problem but to make the patient feel comfortable in the process. Some principles to keep in mind when caring for a patient is to respect them as an individual engage them as partners, effectively communicate the illness,…show more content…
A nurse is there to educate and give the best medical knowledge so the patient may ignore medical advice and choose to participate anyway. Mormons also wear a scared undergarment to show that they are in good standings with the church. In a routine visit or non-urgent situation, the nurse would need to know that they wear these under their bra and/or underwear and don’t feel comfortable when they are baring a lot of skin. Maintaining privacy is key. In an emergency situation, the nurse may cut off the undergarment if need be but it must be given to a family member and treated with the up most

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