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More than 783 million people in Africa are without access of clean water. Many small villages all around Africa are on the extreme poverty line and children are struggling to survive everyday because of one main reason, water. Developing countries in Africa will never see success because children are held from learning due to their family’s low income and need of extra help. Young girls are forced to walk for water everyday that is filled with diseases instead of going to school. Luckily, many organizations are allowing kids to gain an education, and establish normal hygiene, and try to help the water situation. Children, mostly including girls, are robbed an education in Africa because they are stuck at home waking miles for water everyday. According to “The Water Project”, lack of clean water had a serious effect on student attendance rates and academic performance. Water can factor in many different ways one being if a family member is sick kids have to…show more content…
Africa has a tremendous underdeveloped lifestyle and it effects all the people living there in the worst way possible. Stated in “U.N Water”, Sub-Saharan Africa is the world’s poorest and least developed region and more than half of the people living there makes less than $1.00 a day. Africa is so underdeveloped because if people are getting sick daily because of a low water source, they are not going to be able to go to work. One way a person could contribute to the cause is by donating to any website that helps give water to all parts of Africa or to just educate people on the problem so it can raise awareness. Money collected could eventually pay for water sanitation facilities to be built but first the region would have to become financially stable. People everywhere who don’t have to experience what millions do in Africa can help regarding the

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