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When we talk about media, we must know its history. Media history is based on PRINT media or we can say that it is the oldest media of mass communication. The paper attempts to analyze the relations between the press and the governments in Pakistan in the first decade after independence in 1947. The press that faced the toughest of the times in the sub-continent before the partition had to encounter difficult situations of new kind afterward. How did the press react to the repressive actions of the rapidly changing governments in the first decade? And what were the reasons for taking actions against the press in the governments’ view? These and many other significant aspects have been undertaken in the preceding lines. Similarly, economy…show more content…
Not a single newspaper was published in East Pakistan and Baluchistan, but in the NWFP (now Khyber Pakhtoon khwa) had two daily newspapers. These newspapers were owned by Muslims who had migrated to Pakistan. Including Daily Azad and Moring news (shifted to Dhaka), Jang, dawn and an jam (in Karachi) The first news agency was APP (Associated Press of Pakistan). It was established in 1947.It was a private news agency since 1947 to 1961. Government took its control on 1961 by an ordinance.APP is a government organization, responsible to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. English press was not so strong at that time due to problems like lack of education and development. Except APP, there are six more agencies in Pakistan: PPI (Pakistan Press International) 1968 But it seemed in those early years (1947-58) that the immense sacrifices might have been in vain. For Pakistan had struggled from one major crisis to another, fighting to ward off the problems which threatened the nation. These problems were the rehabilitation of over seven million people who were to be fed, sheltered and made functional for the country, the distribution of assets, the accession of princely states and the water

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