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Steven Spielberg, having won 126 awards of 231 nominations, 3 Oscar Awards, 11 Emmys, and Seven Golden Globes for best director, Steven Spielberg is certainly is named one of the greatest directors of all time. With genres covering a wide range sci-fi, adventure, drama, historical, war and animated films, Spielberg has mastered some of the greatest movies ever. Along with many others, one of his highest grossing films in history was released in 1983 was a sci-fi film called E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. A movie about a small boy becoming friends with an alien and ends up saving him, Spielberg used a lot of techniques to create this film. Throughout the movies and along with other movies he has created, Spielberg used a similar story structure…show more content…
Spielberg once again uses steams a lot constantly in this film. At the times where a person is driving or walking in the jungle, he gives of a sense of depth and how huge the jungle is and its trees by the long streams of light that pours through below. The actors also uses bright and blinding like flash lights as they are walking in the dark. Spielberg hits us with nervousness and excitement as he captures his actors awestruck faces on his close-ups when looking out into the field and seeing the dinosaurs. Seeing their faces looking off at something else, makes us want to turn the camera around ourselves and see what they are seeing. He does this by using a reverse shot. Which focus on the faces of a subject person, then goes to focus on what they are looking at, then comes back to the subject which they give another facial expression that that gives us on what they feel about that and how we determine what we feel. He will use his camera shots and angel shots through out the whole movie to emphasis the difference of strength and size between dinosaur and man. Along with the darkness and shadows, suspenseful music, Spielberg puts the camera close up on the dinosaurs to the audience a more terrified feeling. He also uses an overhead shot, when the camera would be at the dinosaurs eyelevel looking down onto the people, and how smaller things are from that angle to give a sense of size. The whole movie is about dinosaurs, so Spielberg and his crew use digital effects to create them on a computer. Spielberg teams up with John Williams once again as Williams creates the theme music. They play this music when we see the dinosaurs at a distance; this gives the audience a sense of awe of how majestic and huge these creatures are. Once again Spielberg uses father-like issues in

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