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Edmund Burke (1729-1797) was born in Dublin, and is considered to be a founder of Modern Conservatism due to his theories of inheritance and traditions. In this essay I will discuss Burke’s standing on how changes within society would only be valid if based on the inheritance of traditions, how these affected the English government and the impact of Ireland during the 18th century. Burke wrote after the English Revolution (1647) and during the time of the American (1776) and French (1789) Revolutions, when the political world was changing in many ways. Importantly for Burke’s views, the emergence of new ways of life; from the turmoil and uncertainty of the revolutions, societies were becoming more and more based on popular radicalism. There…show more content…
However, Burke did not agree with the radical view about an innate reason, and proposed that due to different society’s traditions, and history, there cannot be one standard capable of managing all of humanity. The experiences of one society throughout history will be inherited (Burke, 1790). The thoughts and ideas which were passed down through the generations, moulded the way each group is governed and how individuals were to govern themselves, therefore reason cannot be universal as it is not the same for everybody. A world created with this ideology in Burkes view would be better than one created from human creativity (White,…show more content…
Burke argues in the Tract relating to Popery Laws (1765) that any law which goes against the majority is a form of persecution would go against God and would not be rational. The only way in which Catholics would be treated fairly by the government was to denounce their faith, and any Protestants who converted to Catholicism at the time would have had property removed and themselves put into prison with the knowledge that when they were released the government would not give them any protection. In 1782 the Irish Parliament was given law-making freedom. The English governments’ role in Ireland is defended by Burke through his ideas of inheritance, such that, because English government has had a role in Ireland though out history, the next generation had a duty to continue this tradition based on the experience it has provided and the argument that it would have change if it had not been working. However, the events which followed, namely the Irish Rebellion of 1798, brought about partly due to the French Revolution, caused the Irish government to dissolve and a union between the United Kingdom and Ireland

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