Essay On Industrialization After Civil War

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Industrialization After the Civil War The industrial revolution significantly influenced various changes in the United States by affecting every aspect of the country including people, government, and daily life. These effects of industrialization are attributed to the fact it comprised three major aspects i.e. politics, the economy, and society. Through these three major aspects, industrialization after the Civil War considerably enhanced American life and standards of living though it is currently associated with many problems in the American society. Moreover, the three major aspects of industrialization provided the basis for its impact on different groups such as working Americans, women, farmers, and immigrants. Political Aspect of Industrialization…show more content…
While politics needed change at the time when industrialization came to effect, politicians decided to devote themselves to relatively different things other than the interests of the people. In general, politicians devoted themselves to their own commercial or business interests rather than catering for people’s needs especially the poor and the working class (Bensel, 2000). This focus on personal business interests was fueled by the fact that helping bug businesses was more beneficial to the ambitions of politicians as compared to helping the poor. Due to their failure to assist the poor and working class, politicians gained negative reputation. Their quest to help businesses in order to achieve their own selfish ambitions was characterized by illegal deals and activities. During this period, politicians started accepting bribes and granted government projects and contracts to individuals and businesses that helped them to achieve their political objectives. Furthermore, politicians provided assistance to their friends rather than devoting themselves to nation building

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