Essay On Imperialism Is Not Fair

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When I was ten, I remember my mother always complaining about the Belgians. “It’s not fair,” she would say to me, “it’s just not fair.” At the time, I didn’t really know who the Belgians were. What I did know was that they were the ones who had taken my father away to work as a slave and ever since he was gone my mother would not stop crying. Once I tried to calm her down but she only ended up wailing in the end. It was then I realized my father would never be coming back and it was all the Belgians’ fault. The day I turned 18, there was a knock on our door. “Bambo’ula Tansi,” I remember them calling my name and then rushing me out the door. I was terrified, not knowing where my life would take me or why I was leaving. From then on, I was a mining slave. At the mining site, the heat in the dry season was deadly. Many miners fainted from dehydration and the intense heat of the hot days. We were treated terribly, whipped even if we stopped to wipe sweat off our foreheads. Soon, we could bear it no longer. All the miners in Jadotville agreed to strike for seven days in December of 1941. Fifteen miners were killed by the government troops, one being a friend I had made named Giordani. I heard that 60 miners were killed in Élisabethville. This marked the start of the fight…show more content…
But now, there was more support for independence; the mutiny had spread. Groups were forming such as the Alliances des Bakango (ABAKO) and I quickly joined. I remember ABAKO had planned a meeting with the Belgian government. The meeting was postponed, however – the Belgians fault. I was furious. How were we ever supposed to gain the independence we deserved if the Belgians would ignore our plees? Riots were sparked in Leopoldville, and we freely expressed our hatred toward the Belgian government. Unfortunately, the leader of ABAKO, Joseph Kasavubu, was arrested and from then on, ABAKO was no

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