Essay On Halfway Houses

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The concept of re-integration for ex-offenders although at its core is a great idea; I find that in the many of the ways it's executed it is not the best. Halfway houses are as large as a prison and are intended to aid inmates in re-entering society. The overall idea of a halfway house is an amazing one. Most ex-offenders do not have anywhere to go after being released, so to have a place that will give them a place to rest their head is an amazing thing. Now what I find the downside to the concept of re-integration through the form of a halfway house is the lack of the aspect of rehabilitation. It’s the ongoing battle of re-integration vs. rehabilitation; halfway houses focus so heavily on the concept of re-integration, that they ignore the component of healing that must occur if they want the ex-offender to be able to completely function properly in society. The lack of therapy as a part of the core within the system of a halfway house causes the re-integration to…show more content…
I think that if halfway houses were maybe placed in areas that crime is not surrounding the ex-offenders it would be easier for them to remain clean. It’s the concept that rehabs use the place the rehabs in areas where drugs are more difficult to find in order to keep the people clean. This should be the same for half houses, but in order for this to be done society would have to change the way the view half houses. Many people have a negative view of what exactly a halfway house represents in their city. They do not see it as a way of rebuilding people; they see it as a dangerous place. This is the way the media portrays it to be as well. A halfway house is never seen as a positive aspect to one’s community, it is always seen as a completely harmful to a peaceful environment. This makes it difficult for halfway houses to find better environments to setup or places to open up at
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