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Abstract:- The loon project is given by Google X Research and development which was started to provide high-speed internet access to rural areas.The loon project is launched by Google in 2013.And further research and development are being carried out.The aim of loon project is to provide balloon-powered internet for all.The Loon balloons travel approximately 20 km above the Earth's surface in the stratosphere, well above all mountains, Aircrafts and weather events.The balloon can provide internet in a diameter of 80km and the life of loon balloons is up to 100 days. In this paper, we will discuss the Construction of loon, Technology which is going to power that balloon, How to control and Navigate loon balloon, Conclusion and References. This balloon can be very…show more content…
The Project Loon by Google floats 60,000 feet in one of the Earths layers. And impressing, the Wi-Fi friendly balloon provides Internet using the same technology used by cellular devices at any latitude and can last in the sky for 100 days.On the arrival of the Project Loon in India , the Project Loon balloon can prove to be a boon to rural areas in India. II. Google Loon Project: Definition, Terminology:- The Loon Project by Googleis an attempt to build a network of stratospheric balloons to provide balloon powerd Internetaccess to anyone, anywhere in the world. Loon balloons travel twice as high as commercial airlines—20 kilometers above the earth—and function like a network of floating cell towers. Right now, our phone uses a stationary tower on the ground, and switches to new cell towers as we move around. Loon balloons are just cell towers that move, following the wind currents, and our phone would switch to the nearest one just like it does with stationary towers.

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