Essay On Ethical Absolutism

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Ethical absolutism is the philosophical viewpoint that certain human actions are right and wrong dependent upon an objective moral code. A strength to absolutism would be that it gives authority to human right legislation which is designed for our society. It’s seen as fair as people are treated the same as the rules become applicable to everyone. Within absolutism we can always determine what is right and wrong, it makes it quicker for individuals within society to make a decision as we determine what is intrinsically right or wrong from the laws of the land. However, there are issues to absolutism, in nearly all cases absolutists take no account of cultural differences, and they are not troubled by the circumstances concerning it. In countries…show more content…
A relativist believes all points in a circumstance are equal and the truth is dependent upon the individual. One strength to relativism is that it is flexible and it can take different situations in consideration, for example if one were to commit a crime the relativist would take into account the circumstances and then construct an opinion. Relativists are tolerant and respectful towards different societies, for instance if one were to marry outside their religion, a relativist would say it is okay if they are in love. Another example would be if one were to think that killing another was morally right, a relativist would respect that opinion, and leave it unchanged. Also millions of people around the universe are responsible for their own actions, so we should become more aware of their situation. However, relativism has its disadvantages. Relativists fail to appreciate that certain moral values are universal, without moral values some countries would face more issues and potentially cause war. If everyone were to have an excuse and blame their actions upon their upbringing or current condition it would be an uncivilised

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