Gothic Short Stories

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¨No! Please no!¨ ¨It’s for your own good,¨ the dark woman said as she glided out of a house that was falling apart. ¨Now you can’t disrupt the good souls in Heaven.¨ ¨This is not fair!¨ Steven shouted from inside the house. The mysterious woman raised both of her pale, bony hands towards the abandoned residence chanting, ¨By the powers of the sky I curse this house so that whoever enters the boundaries of this house will be cursed with death, and their soul will be sent here following their passing.¨ Then, suddenly an enormous bright bolt shot out of the sky and struck the top of the house. The children inside began to cry wondering if they would ever see the outdoors again. Present Day Fall was coming. Everyone knew it too. The leaves were beginning to brighten, the air was beginning to freshen,…show more content…
¨When else?¨ At that the children wandered through the trees and bushes. Annabelle admired the nature as she skipped through the forest, dancing and laughing as Lucas ran a hand through his light-colored hair. About an hour passed, and the temperature began to drop a couple degrees as evening approached. Lucas was about to suggest to turn around when they saw a clearing in the trees. Annabelle sprinted as fast as she could toward it, and then stopped abruptly after reaching it. Confused, Lucas jogged up to her and stood beside her. As he followed her gaze up the hill his jaw dropped. Both of them stared in awe at the monstrous house sitting atop the hill. Above them was a square mansion with windows and dirt all around. The splintery wood and broken down roof contrasted with the clear blue sky. Most of the windows were boarded up or broken, and the gutters were not attached to the house. Multiple animal nests were constructed in all of the crooks while crows circled the mansion over and over. Then, out of nowhere Annabelle bolted up towards the house. ¨Belle, wait!¨ Lucas shouted. ¨C’mon Luke, this is so cool!¨ Annabelle happily
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