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If you’ve done your research before getting a puppy, you’ve probably heard of crate training a lot by now. What is crate training and why is it so important? Crate training is simply the act of using a crate (or any ample sized box enclosure) to temporarily house your puppy. This process helps make training easier and will also allow your puppy to build his confidence slowly but surely. Effects of crate training When your puppy is first separated from his mother and his littermates, he is going to feel very insecure and stressed out. Adding separation anxiety to the mix makes it even worse. Placing a cloth inside the crate with his mother’s and littermates’ scent will help ease the transition between being with his family and becoming a part of yours. Aside from that, a crate allows for easy transport from his original home to yours. It…show more content…
Just repeat the process of getting him inside with a treat and then reward him with some praises. Wait for him to calm down and then slowly close the door while at the same time giving him some praises. After a few seconds open the door and let him out. Reward him with some treats and some praises for a job well done. Repeat the process over and over until he trusts the crate completely even with the door closed. Never ever slam the door on the puppy while crate training is going on. The basics to getting your puppy in and out of the crate: The crate is going to be an unfamiliar object for your puppy and it may have some initial apprehension before he decides to enter it.This is when you will need a lot of patience.This is the stage wherein you want to ensure that your puppy will see the crate as a safe place and not as a cage. So let’s get down to the basics of how to get your puppy in and out of the crate without any hassles. 1. Bring the crate to the dog breeder’s place and place it near you when you’re spending time with your

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