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Cochlear implants has become great for children who are deaf. The research was greatest an increased for deaf people who are support their parents need to improve for children could be hearing any speak language and ability to communicate. Many people who are deaf getting the cochlear implant was good for them and learning speak language ability and also talking with their parent, The parents children who are deaf cochlear implants they having parents trying goals both of prefigured and coconstructed of the children cochlear implant through together interaction process with their children. The idea of reflect view recent their socializing of as process of mutual participation. Some child did not hearing as well, because sometimes doctors mistook…show more content…
So that when I was in Africa my parent want to getting for me cochlear implant, but it was very an expensive we couldn’t afford any of pocket money. So my father bought for me cheap Aid hearing, it was pleasure for me this hearing music and talking with my family. Few year later I came to America I was very an excited to lives here so I hopefully I will get a cochlear implant, because I’m a good speaking with all my family so if I get cochlear I could be became better more hearing as well, I was very worry about surgery may take a mistake, I need getting more information from hospital about the cochlear implant so I went to hospital and getting more paper work filled they given me an appointment when I left home few months later I met my friends, he is a deaf and his had cochlear implant, I told him I will planning to getting the cochlear implant few days later, he said “NO” he said that cochlear implant bad health behaviors for you, I asked him

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