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A clamp is a versatile tool, which is used to hold a work piece firmly in a place. Because of their versatility, they are used in an array of applications, such as metal working, woodworking, welding construction, etc. Different Types of Clamps and Their Uses Though they have a similar job to do, there are different types of clamps used for different applications. Below is a list of some of the most common types of clamps: 1. C-Clamps: A C-clamp derives its name from its shape. It is also sometimes referred to as a G-clamp. This clamp has two jaws – one fixed, while the other movable. The work piece is kept between the two jaws. The movable jaw is then adjusted with the help of a screw to hold the work piece firmly in a place. 2. F-Clamps: Similar to C-clamp, an F-clamp gets its name from its shape. Moreover, the working of this clamp is more or less similar to that of a C-clamp. This clamps also has two jaws, with one jaw fixed, and the other movable. You can slide the movable jaw to the desired position. 3.…show more content…
Spring Clamps: These types of clamps are widely used in woodworking establishments. They are used to offer a secure grip while a glue fixes together the pieces of lumber. 4. Corner Clamps: The corner clamps come in two different sizes and are used for different applications. The smaller clamp is three inches in size and is used for frames. The larger clamp is used for bigger work pieces such as shelves. 5. Bar Clamps: As the name suggests, a bar clamp has a shape of a bar. The clamp has two jaws, which are both adjustable. This clamp is widely used in applications such as woodwork and helps hold large work pieces. Do’s and Don’ts While Using Clamps
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