Essay On Bike Riding

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Mountain bike riding is quite demanding and requires a person to be in good physical condition, disciplined, mentally fit. But it is no different really than any other sporting activity. You must train properly if you want to improve and get better. Here are training tips for Mountain Bike Riders. The first consideration should be to engage the services of a good trainer if that is possible. Either having a friend or even paid professional that can work with you will be very helpful. If you decide to use a professional trainer make sure the chemistry is good and they are someone you can relate with and get along easily as you are going to be spending a lot of time in his or her company. Here are some training tips to make your mountain bike rides safe and enjoyable and will enhance your performance. If you are…show more content…
This is not easy but with enough practice you can become good at it. Once you learn how to do an instant turn, it can help you to prevent injuries. So the hard work is well worth the efforts and pains in the initial stage. To do an instant right turn, you need to make a sharp right turn, steer left and then again quickly turn right. As a result your body would lean on the right and help you to move away from trouble. It is essential to thoroughly check all safety features, such as all protective gears and the bike itself before you set out on a mountain bike trail. You need to be fully alert and in control once you are on a mountain bike ride because any lapse in concentration no matter for how short a duration can prove to be fatal in terms of injury and missteps leading to falls or accidents. You should always ride in a group or at least have a companion while you set out for a mountain bike ride. Riding with a partner or group is not only fun but also an important safety measure particularly if you have an accident, as there will be others to help you or call for
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