Buying A Cross-Country Mountain Bike By Norman Analysis

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In “Buying a Cross-Country Mountain Bike,” Blake Norman compares the deciding factors beginner bikers should contemplate before a purchase. According to Norman, “to find the right cross-country bike, beginning bikers need to consider how the bike’s major features—suspension and wheel size, as well as weight, stiffness, and price—suit their biking habits” (1). Consumers need to pick between full-suspension and hardtail. If they desire speed, hardtail is the way to go. In way of contrast, if a rider values smoothness more than speed, they should pick full-suspension. The bike’s wheel size is an important aspect as well. If one plans to climb or descend frequently, larger wheels is the best bet. However, smaller wheels increase the speed. There are a variety of materials used to build bikes, such as aluminum alloy, steel, titanium, and carbon fiber.…show more content…
Heavy bikes are generally slower, while lighter bikes are much faster. Stiffness allows for easier riding on bumpy trails and pedaling. Price, a major deciding factor, according to Vital MTB, varies from about $330 to $11,000. Bikes made out of aluminum alloy are light, have average stiffness and price, and are generally the most popular. Heavy steel bikes are slow, but durable, stiff, and cheap. Lightweight bikes made with titanium are tough and stiff, although, the price is not as low. Lastly, carbon fiber bikes are what the professionals use. The price of these bikes is outrageous. However, they are exceedingly light and durable. The process of purchasing the right mountain bike is a long one, but to find the one that fits one’s budget and biking plans, excessive research and thought must be put

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