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3.1 Project Implementation Methodology The following describes the Project Implementation Methodology employed by Mobile-based child monitoring/tracking application in the implementation of projects. Each project is divided into a number of processes or phases, each phase having its own identity and characteristics, the respective phases are: • Initiation Phase • Planning phase • Control phase • Execution phase • Project closing phase A Project Schedule is compiled detailing activities within each phase with activity duration, start and end dates of each activity, and resources allocated to each of the activities. The above diagram is applicable to the overall project, as well as to individual activities or key deliverables within a project.…show more content…
It provides us with insight of process changes required, of the availability of personnel, of the level of change management that is necessary during the full lifetime of the project. All of these factors need to be considered in planning and executing a project on time and within budget. Part of the scoping exercise includes a review of existing training, hardware and communications infrastructure. The duration of the implementation is dependent on a variety of factors including availability of resources and the level of complexity of the processes within the business. Outputs of the scoping phase are a detailed project plan and a firm project budget. The completion of the scoping provides customer management with an informed opinion regarding the project, and offers them a go/no go opportunity. The following items are discussed, agreed upon and documented in…show more content…
Decisions are also taken concerning sequencing of the business units to be implemented, of existing software that requires interfaces into the proposed solution, and of the efficiencies that are obtained by so doing. Execution Phase The project execution phase comprises the implementation of the items detailed under planning above. This is when design, engineering, testing and commissioning activities are executed. The following items are addressed in the execution phase: • Project plan execution • Project schedule execution • Activity execution • Quality assurance • Project

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