Language Assignment: The Five Generation Of Programming Language

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Section 1 - The Five Generation of Programming Language: Abstract: The objective of this assignment is, of course first, take advantage and concepts into useful knowledge in Computer Science, and programming languages by clarifying some of the studies of programming languages based on the principle of `` account concepts as monads ''. The main objective is to propose a unified approach of programming languages. Which Will be clarified programming languages in details. A language is a system of communication. People communicate with each other in different languages, such as English, France, Arabic or in many different languages. We, Humans, through our emotions we can express ourselves and our feelings. In order to make computers work for us, some sort of instructions must be stored in some kind of language. which is language called a Programming Language. A programming language contains of symbols and characters…show more content…
its more command and closer to human language then 3rd generation language. A very high-level programming language is often referred to as goal-oriented programming language because it is usually limited to a very specific application and it might use syntax that is never used in other programming languages. Some example of 4th generation programming languages. SQL, NOMAD and FOCUS. Here are some objectives of the 4th generation languages I. Increase the speed of software development. II. Reducing the user's effort to obtain information from the computer. III. Reduce maintenance by reducing errors and providing software that is easy to change. IV. Low skills required for user’s level so they can focus on the application rather than the complexities of coding, and thus solve their problems on their own without the help of a professional programmer. Fifth Generation of Programming

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