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One of the most entertaining and widely encouraged pastimes is sports. The majority of people all around the world can enjoy and relate to it, as it comes down to the fundamentals of body kinetics. However, one of the more unique and equipment-dependent of sports is hockey, which is also worldwide, but mainly embraced in North America and parts of Europe. It requires special equipment: skates and hockey sticks and does not involve the traditional usage of a ball. But what also separates hockey from other sports is the presence of combat, or commonly called “hockey fight.” This aspect really sets it apart from other non-combat athletics, because no others incorporate the element of fist-to-fist fighting. Therefore, the question arises: “Why does the National Hockey League choose to embody fighting?” Why is it only North American organizations that tolerate this display of brutality, while other regions do not? Actually, combat has a pivotal role in hockey, as it heavily contributes to its gameplay and it is…show more content…
However, it has another aspect of combat, which may seem untraditional. But by observing the nature of hockey, it is reasonable why fighting exists. Firstly, the game involves heavy physical contact between players. “Body checking” is used in hockey as a skill to separate an opposing player from the puck, which is a variation of the traditional ball. This aspect can result in the emotional arousal of players, leading to aggression and competitiveness. As the hostile and aggressive atmosphere builds up, the innate belligerence inside us is less retained and begins to show itself, which likely led to the initial fights. It eventually came about and was embraced more and more as the sport grew. Now, fighting is viewed as an inseparable aspect of North American hockey and is supported by

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