Hawaii Vs Yellowtone Essay

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Volcano: a mountain with a hole in the top or side that sometimes sends out rocks, ash, lava, etc., in a sudden explosion. Hawaii and Yellowstone both have a volcano that shape and reshape the Earth everyday. There are many similarities and differences between Yellowstone and Hawaii. First of all, both of these are located over a hot spot. A hot spot is a place under the mantle where magma is confined and/or located. Furthermore, they are both located in the middle of a plate. Hawaii is located on the pacific plate, and Yellowstone is found on the North American plate. On the other hand, both places have different types of crust. Hawaii has oceanic crust and Yellowstone has continental crust. Hawaii's crust is thinner because it's in the…show more content…
Yellowstone's average temperature year round is anywhere from 0-80 degrees. Hawaii's average year round temperature is anywhere from 60-90 degrees. A lot of tourist visit the big island of Hawaii, and Yellowstone. In 2007 1,739,458 people visited the big island of Hawaii. That's more than 20 times the population in Waterloo IA. On the other hand, Yellowstone gets about 3 million people a year. The cause of this might be because it's a lot cheaper to go to Yellowstone than Hawaii. It's in driving distance for most midwest/ western part of the country unlike Hawaii where you have to take a plane. Things in Hawaii are also a lot more expensive and tourist attractions cost more money than Yellowstone's attractions. Consequently, there has been much geological activity in both Yellowstone and Hawaii. Because the plate moves under the crust Hawaii has created a chain of Islands that appear and disappear through millions of years. On the other hand, Yellowstone has a super volcano that stays in the same spot. Thus, the crust stays over top the volcano and doesn't move so every time it erupts it effects the same area as before and keeps reshaping and

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